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Let us get real here for a second, You are probably one of the people that are bonafide professionals at being down on themselves. You wake up on a beautiful day like this and the thoughts going through you mind are: “I am too tired”, “I am too lazy”, “I am fat!” “I am a short
Let us face it, any one can do that! anyone can get up and be negative, and be depressed! Thats the easy bit.
What if when you started your day, you owned your morning! What if the first words that come out of your mouth when you wake up are “I AM A MASTERPIECE!”? “ I am loved!” “I am blessed!”, “I am more than a conqueror”
What if when you woke up in the morning the first thing you did was say “Thank you!” – Thank you for Grace, thank you for mercy, thank you the blessings, for peace, for prosperity, for your peaceful nation, for you family and loved ones, for wisdom. Thank you for mummy! (and Daddy too ) – Wake up and say thank you for what you have and what you are going to have!
So what kind of “I AM” is coming out of you heart? your mind? your mouth!? If you are honest with yourself, you know that you would be on a whole other level if you changed the “I AM” that is coming out of your mouth!
NEVER SAY A NEGATIVE THING ABOUT YOURSELF! – Talk to yourself like how you would talk to someone you are madly in love with! Most of us would never walk to someone’s face and criticise them, but we have no problem doing that to ourselves!
See, you need to have a list of these “I AMs” and go over them every morning and evening until they become a part of you! have them on your phone as wall paper, print them out and stick them to your walls and ceiling! True! – some of them might not be in your life right now when you start… but that my friend is only a matter of time because You are Great! You are Talented! You are young! you are Beautiful!

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